How Core Beliefs Affect Your Life

They color how you see yourself and the world

Shirley J. Davis


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Core beliefs shape how we interact with the world about us and are without conscious awareness. In other words, we are not always aware of our core beliefs but are affected by them daily.

This article will focus on core beliefs and how they influence our lives.

What are Core Beliefs?

Core beliefs are those thoughts and beliefs about us that help us to understand the world around us. Our core beliefs influence many aspects of our lives, including our self-image, career aspirations, personality, mental health, sense of right and wrong, and self-acceptance.

Most of our core beliefs form in childhood, and our childhood experiences change how we see ourselves and interact with our world. Core beliefs often lead to cognitive distortions that are inaccurate views of reality.

Core beliefs impact every part of our lives, including our career paths, and are most often unconscious. These beliefs shape who we are and are both positive and negative. Some examples of core beliefs include the following:

· I deserve attention.

· I deserve love.

· If others criticize me, they must be bad people.

· I’m superior to others.

· I am above the laws and rules of society.

· People don’t understand me.

· I must excel.

Negative core beliefs significantly impact how we see ourselves and our self-acceptance, self-worth, and self-esteem. Our core beliefs greatly influence us in that they determine how we see ourselves and others.

Where Do Core Beliefs Originate?

We are not born with core beliefs; instead, they are learned. Our personal core beliefs develop through life experiences beginning in childhood and continue to develop throughout our life span.

The strange thing about core beliefs is that any information contradicting them is often ignored. We base our core beliefs on several sources, including:

· Family dynamics while we were growing up.



Shirley J. Davis

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