Parental Alienation

An illegal form of child abuse

Shirley J. Davis


Photo by Bianca Berndt on Unsplash

Divorce or separation is messy and very hard on any children caught up in the process. Often, children worry about losing one or both of their parents, even when the divorce or separation is amicable.

But, what happens when one parent decides to cause alienation between their children and their ex? This article will explore parental alienation and how it affects children.

What is Parental Alienation?

Parental alienation includes doing or saying things by one parent against the other that damage the child’s relationship with the other parent. One parent causes their children to hate, fear, and reject the targeted parent and paints them as somehow unworthy of the children’s love.

Some forms of manipulation used by one parent against the other include:

· Withholding information from the children.

· Exaggerating and lying to one’s children about the other parent.

· Saying wicked things about the other parent.

· Telling the children that the other parent doesn’t love them.

· Forcing the child to choose who their favorite parent is.

· Telling the children information they should not know.



Shirley J. Davis

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