Rejection Trauma

Shirley J. Davis
5 min readFeb 12, 2022
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Rejection is a normal part of human life as not every relationship is fair and good for us and may end. We have all felt the sting of being fired from a job or parting from someone who didn’t wish to date us anymore.

Rejection trauma is different. It begins in childhood with maltreatment and haunts us in adulthood. What is rejection trauma? What are its symptoms? Who is affected by rejection trauma? This piece will seek to answer these questions and more.

What is Rejection Trauma?

The word rejection comes from the Latin word meaning to throwback. Rejection is a judgment of worthiness; deciding that something or someone is not worth any value. Judgment happens first and is chased by the opinion that concludes that something or someone is not worth the price and isn’t significant.

Unfortunately, many of us grew to adulthood in homes where we were rejected, meaning we were considered worthless and not worth our parent’s time. Perhaps the rejection was obvious with our parents telling us we were worthless and treating us with disdain. Or maybe the rejection was harder to see as when our parents gave us what we needed but with no compassion or loving.

The result of having no support or someone to believe in us is that we grow up full of fear of rejection and it infiltrates every aspect of our lives…



Shirley J. Davis

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